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Alektum welcomes Ikano Bank into the Dutch market

Alektum is a reliable partner for your national and international accounts receivable process, ranging from customer service to extrajudicial activities, especially in the consumer market.

We are represented in almost all parts of Europe. Since 2006 Alektum is also established in the Netherlands and there are more and more customers who experienced the benefits of our approach. Our growth is customer-driven: we follow our customers into new markets, where and when they need us.

Ikano Bank

Ikano Bank was originally part of the furniture company IKEA, but in 1988 an independent group of companies. IKEA is still a very important partner for Ikano. Since 2012, the Ikano Bank also established in the Netherlands to support ‘the IKEA Betaalservice’.

As of September 2012 it is possible to use ‘the IKEA Betaalservice’ in all IKEA stores. The offer to the customer is the possibility to purchase at IKEA and pay in various instalments, with limits ranging from 150 to 10.000 euro. The service can be requested via the website or in one of the stores. Behind the scenes, there is a cooperation with Alektum.

The cooperation

“We would like to use your customer service centre for our in- and outbound calls in the Netherlands”, that’s how the conversations started between Ikano and Alektum, late 2011. Until then, Ikano was used to working with different partners for customer service, affordability checks, collection activities, legal advice, etc. After some constructive meetings it was decided that Ikano no longer had to look for different solutions in the Netherlands; a full service outsourcing partner was found in Alektum!

Since the start of the project Alektum is fulfilling wing to wing activities for Ikano Bank. Activities such as supporting the application process for the IKEA Betaalservice, customer service, pre-collection and collections. Along the whole process Alektum acts as a contact centre for both customers as for the IKEA employees. All relevant correspondence is directly registered in the Ikano bank system by Alektum employees, whereby all information is up-to-date.

A word from Ikano Banks Operations Manager Allan Helgren-Nielsen: First of all I would like to point out that Alektum has a high level of knowledge about the Dutch consumer finance market. During the start-up phase we have had an intensive dialogue with Alektum and we were given the proposed advises. Overall we have an effective setup today that fits the Dutch market.

How did you experience the co-operation with Alektum, so far?

Very professional and direct with a pragmatic approach. I feel a strong commitment, and it is a co-operation and not just a pure out-sourcing agreement. Our development and implementation process has been a success and we now gain from the solid platform in daily business.

What appeals to you most in Alektum as a partner?

Alektum seeks the best solution for our customers, Alektum and Ikano Bank. Furthermore, Alektum and Ikano Bank must gain from the co-operation and we managed to keep it simple and used common sense which are our core values.

Would you like to know more about Alektum and the possibilities? Contact us via or 020-4177177 and ask for Bart Kolman or Fred Louwerens.


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