Alektum Group verwelkomt Valitive – credit and information services company!

The merger of three companies creates Valitive

Our three subsidiaries and providers of credit and information solutions – Itesco, Alektum Risk Optimisation / Decidas, and Alektum Market Information have successfully merged. From now on, the three companies will become one under the new brand and company name – Valitive.

Valitive – our new credit and information company

Decidas, Itesco, and Alektum Market Information have long been part of the Alektum Group. A trio that provides credit, market, and business information solutions to companies that want to optimise risks, maximise sales, and make wiser business decisions – all by using the latest technology. 

To improve the customer experience and offer information solutions throughout the value chain, the three companies are now merging and creating Valitive. A new company and brand that will act as a subsidiary for Alektum Group.  

Nicklas Dackhammar, CEO of the newly started company, is enthusiastic about what this merger will mean for the company.  

“Our long-term goal and hope are to become the market-leading company in the Nordics for digital business information, while at the same time ensure continued growth. By putting all of our expertise, knowledge, and experience under the same roof – we truly can make a difference for our customers and help them make smart decisions throughout their whole value-chain in an efficient and datadriven way.” 

Mats Augurell, CEO of Alektum Group explains how this merger will make it easier to help customers more efficiently. 

“We want to make life as easy as possible for our customers. Through this merger, we ensure a smooth customer experience while also increasing customer value. This merger will enable us to continue to deliver credit, market, and business information solutions of the highest quality, while also being able to continue our journey of growth and expand into new markets.” 

About Valitive

Valitive is the next generation information and credit company. By using the latest technology, we help companies make wise and data-driven decisions throughout their whole value chain. With extensive experience and great market know-how, we are specialists at what we do  providing credit, market and business information solutions to companies that want to optimise risks and maximise sales. All by relying on relevant data and technology that creates value for our customers.